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Equinox is an open source platform that supports the holistic risk management of sustainable finance portfolios


Equinox is an open source platform focused on the challenge of Sustainable Portfolio Management

Sustainability (both environmental and social) is a major issue that affects all economies. Developing tools and methodologies that improve the ability of all stakeholders to assess and report risks is an important objective and Equinox aims to help carry out this process as optimally as possible.

Equinox is a both a database and a web application that works together with a tailored data schema to provide easy access to sustainability data adhering to both regulatory requirements, protocols and recommendations and financial industry initiatives.

How does it work?

Running the application creates a server that can then be accessed via any regular web browser. NB: For easy installation and testing the current release uses a self-contained sqlite database instead of a production database server

The initial functionality of Equinox focuses on integrating the following concepts

  • Implementing the GHG Protocol for accounting for CO2 emissions via inventories, activities and emission factors
  • The PCAF accounting and reporting framework (currently for Project Finance and Mortgage Finance GHG emissions)
  • Support for Green Public Procurement through the integration of TED data models and associated ontologies
  • Holistic risk management with the integration of the European Banking Authority's Criteria (currently Credit Risk Assessment of Project Finance under the Standardized approach for Specialized Lending)
  • Support for monitoring the Equator Principles for Project Finance

Once the platform is up and running a wealth of functionality is available.

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User Functionality

  • A user can log in into the application with their credentials
  • Inspect available data sets (tables or relations) that capture the EBA / EP / PCAF / GHG Protocol Data requirements, including a variety of relevant reference data available as Open Data
  • Insert, Update or Delete records (e.g. new Project Data)
  • Consult the documentation as to the meaning and requirements of each data element
  • Create Reports about both current Portfolio Status versus environmental impact and assessing the Impact of activities (e.g., investment policies) planned for the future

Administrator Functionality

  • An administrator can create users and user groups and assign permissions
  • Perform bulk insertion or deletion of data sets

Developer Functionality

  • Equinox is based on the well known and loved Python web framework Django
  • Developers can customize and adapt the platform in unlimited ways

Join the Equinox community

The project aims to be driven by community needs. We welcome issues, code contributions and feature requests via github.